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Kyrgyzstan takes 11th place among former USSR countries in visa-free travel

Kyrgyzstan takes the 11th place among the countries of the former USSR on the possibility of visa-free travel. Deutsche Welle reported.

DW compared the passports of citizens of the former Soviet republics and found out which of them were the most profitable in terms of visa-free entry to other countries. So, the most profitable are the passports of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. One can travel with them without a visa to 179 and 178 countries respectively.

The most unprofitable passports out of 15 former union republics are the passports of the citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. They need a visa to travel to the most countries of the world. The visa-free regime for them operates only with 59, 58 and 53 countries respectively.

A little higher in this list is Armenia (62 countries) and Kyrgyzstan (63 countries).

Belarus turned out to be exactly in the middle of the list of the best and worst passports in the post-Soviet space. Its citizens can travel without a visa (or process it when crossing the border) to 77 countries. By the way, Belarus is the only country in the post-Soviet space, whose citizens can travel without visas all over China. Citizens of Kazakhstan can travel visa-free to 76 countries and Russia — to 118.