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Kyrgyzstan plans to publish book for children with cancer, looking for sponsors

It is planned to publish a book in Kyrgyz for families in Kyrgyzstan which have a child with cancer. Sponsors for its release are needed. Dinara Alyaeva, Executive Director of Pomogat Legko NGO told.

According to her, in 2017 the NGO received a wonderful book by a children’s oncologist Anastasia Rubneva «Chudik» (Odd fellow). It tells the story of a boy with an oncological disease.

«The book helps to tell the children and parents what they will have to face in the process of treatment. It helps parents overcome fears. This book is a real friend, who can support at a difficult moment, instill confidence. This book also helps to establish a dialogue between the doctors, parents and small patients,» noted Dinara Alyaeva.

The book can remain just a collection of illustrations for many children, if it is not translated into the Kyrgyz language and not published.

«It is amazing how we met the people who were ready to help. The father of the well-known TV presenter Saltanat Samatova, Orozbai, translated the book, and the artist Elena Popkovskaya redrawn the illustrations for the book, in order Chudik to become closer and dearer. Now we are looking for sponsors who are able to help us to publish the book,» said Dinara Alyaeva.

Anyone can help just by transferring money to the fund’s accounts.

The personal account of the mobile wallet 3335339, Elsom 0556400400. After the transfer, one has to send a text message to 0556400400, indicating the amount of the transfer and the purpose of the payment.

You can make a contribution through a bank transfer.

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