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Citizen of Kyrgyzstan fined for sale of fake FIFA T-shirts in Novosibirsk

A woman will have to pay a large fine for the sale of T-shirts with the symbols of the FIFA World Cup in a shopping center of Novosibirsk. Russian media reported.

According to their data, the citizen of Kyrgyzstan sold T-shirts with the symbols RUSSIA 2018 and FIFA WORLD CUP in a pavilion, located in Vostok shopping center in Novosibirsk. According to the expert’s conclusion, the symbols on the seized T-shirts are similar to the registered trademarks. As a result, the copyright owner suffered a loss of 49,432 rubles.

«The woman was sentenced to a fine of 46,080 rubles by the magistrates’ court. At least 128 counterfeit T-shirts were confiscated,» the report said.