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Foreign Affairs Ministry asks Kyrgyzstanis to be more vigilant in Europe

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who stay in the European countries, to be vigilant when providing personal data to an employer.

This is due to the increased incidence of fraud in the employment of citizens through Internet resources. Personal data can be used to engage in illegal schemes of cashing out illegal income. According to Austrian law enforcement agencies, at least 35 such crimes were registered with the participation of citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Tajikistan, Macedonia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 2010.

«A Kyrgyz citizen was accused of one of such crimes. The case against her was closed due to the consular and legal assistance rendered by the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Austria. If similar circumstances arise, it is necessary to apply to the law enforcement bodies of the host country, as well as to diplomatic missions and consular institutions of Kyrgyzstan abroad,» the Foreign Affairs Ministry stressed.