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Transport Ministry voices price of passportization of roads

The Ministry of Transport and Roads started the passportization of the roads in Kyrgyzstan. The ministry reported.

According to it, to determine all the parameters of roads and enter the data into a special electronic program, the ministry purchased a mobile laboratory for $ 260,000. The data for passportization of 240 kilometers of the roads have been collected with its help.

All roads of the country: international, republican and local will get passports. It has many advantages, the Ministry of Transport noted.

For example, one does not need to travel to the regions and spend money to assess the condition of the roads. The program itself will say where the repair, rehabilitation or major repairs are needed.

The program shows not only the road itself, but the whole complex. That is, signs, warning pillars, bridges, stops and so on. This program will be used in Kyrgyzstan for the first time, while it has been operating for a long time in other countries.

The Ministry of Transport plans to purchase one more mobile laboratory.