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Lessons on migration proposed to be introduced in Kyrgyzstan

Gulnara Derbisheva, the leader of Insan Leilek NGO, offered to introduce extra-curricular hours at schools. She noted at a press conference that many migrants leave for work spontaneously, being not aware of the laws and conditions. Often they are deceived by the employers.

The migration rate in Batken region is 38 percent of all residents. Many children are raised without parents.

Gulnara Derbisheva

«Most of the migrants leave with the help of the friends and relatives, the decision is made in one day. They leave the republic being not aware of the legislation of the host country. Many leave immediately after school. Therefore, it is possible to prepare them through migration lessons in conjunction with social educators and consultations in rural administrations,» she noted.

«We must teach how to sign labor contracts, how to assert our rights, how not to violate the legislation of the host state,» she noted.