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Number of subject teachers speaking Russian decreases in Kyrgyzstan

The number of subject teachers speaking the Russian language decreases in Kyrgyzstan. The rector of I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University Tolobek Abdyrakhmanov said at the video conference with the Russian Federation «Teaching and use of the Russian language in Kyrgyzstan and Russian-Kyrgyz cooperation in this field.»

«Until recently, there was a shortage of Russian language and literature teachers in Kyrgyzstan, but a couple of years ago it became clear that there was a lack of the teachers of chemistry, biology, and mathematics, who speak Russian. There are two problems in Kyrgyzstan now,» he said.

According to Tolobek Abdyrakhmanov, teachers of the Russian language and literature are trained at 11 universities of the country. And the subject teachers — only at one university — I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University.

«In 2018, we have set quotas among grantees for the training of subject teachers with the knowledge of the Russian language, for example, a half of the places — on the methodology of teaching in primary education, 40 percent of places — in the physical and mathematical area,» he said.