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Measles outbreak in region. Doctors recommend to vaccinate children

Measles continues to spread in the region and in the countries, where immunization coverage has fallen below the set threshold of 95 percent. The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

According to it, since the beginning of the year, 323 cases of measles have been registered in Kyrgyzstan basically in the territory of Bishkek and Chui region.

«At least 43 percent of the patients are children under 12 months; 17.6 percent are unvaccinated according to age or refused to be vaccinated. The children, who were in contact with the sick and came from Russia got the infection,» the ministry noted.

The ministry reminds that measles is the airborne transmitted infection. It is dangerous by its complications in the central nervous and respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract. Measles can cause death and disability, especially in small children.

«Persons, who were not infected with measles and not vaccinated against it, remain highly susceptible to it throughout their entire lives and can get sick at any age. The most effective measure for preventing measles is vaccination,» the ministry noted.

According to the calendar of preventive vaccinations, children receive a vaccine against measles, mumps and roseola at 12 months and 6 years.

«Vaccination — with at least two doses of the vaccine — remains the most effective measure to prevent the further spread of measles,» specialists noted.