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Mayor of Bishkek Albek Ibraimov to be dismissed

The Government’s Executive Office received a decision of deputies of the Bishkek City Council on the expression of a vote of no confidence in the mayor of the capital, Albek Ibraimov, the day before. The Spokesman for the Prime Minister Chyngiz Esengulov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, in accordance with the Constitution and Article 427 of the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic," vote of no confidence expressed by the local councils in the head of the local state administration becomes the basis for the prime minister’s decision to dismiss him.«

«It should be noted that the President, the Parliament, the Prime Minister and persons appointed to political posts can not be considered as subjects of labor relations (workers and employers),» Chingiz Esengulov added.

As he explained, therefore, when dismissing from a political post, as a rule, the grounds and guarantees established by labor legislation should not be applied.

«It should also be stressed that the mayor of Bishkek, Albek Ibraimov, did not notify the government’s executive office about his intention to take a vacation in a timely manner,» the Spokesman for Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev added.

Recall, on July 13, the Bishkek City Council deputies held an extraordinary session and dismissed the mayor. The formal reason for this decision was the arrest of the First Vice Mayor of Bishkek Renat Makenov and the vacation of Albek Ibraimov. «The city was left without government,» the BCC deputies explained. As a result, all 40 deputies present at the session voted for no confidence motion against the mayor of the capital.

Albek Ibraimov called  this decision a political order.