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Price floor for EEU goods in Kyrgyzstan considered as barrier

Kazakhstan considered the introduction of a price floor by Kyrgyzstan as a barrier to trade. The Economy Minister Oleg Pankratov informed 24.kg news agency.

The website of the Eurasian Economic Commission reports that a meeting of the advisory committee on the functioning of domestic markets was held.

A sensitive issue regarding the application by Kyrgyzstan of price floor for some goods imported from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union was considered.

«The so-called white book of barriers and seizures has been created in the EEU. It includes various trade barriers that countries must remove. Kazakhstan considered the establishment of price floor as a barrier and informed the EEC about it. There is nothing to worry about. This is normal practice. We said that it was a temporary measure at a meeting of the advisory committee. We will solve the problem by the autumn. The price floor will be canceled, or we will revise the measure itself. Colleagues supported our position, but Kazakhstan believed it was important to consider the issue at the meeting of the EEC committee,» said Oleg Pankratov.

Recall, the government introduced a mechanism on setting the price floor in order to prevent imports of unaccounted goods. In addition, such a rule was introduced to more accurately determine the amount of taxes that importers have to pay.