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Part of road in Boom Gorge blocked due to repair work

Part of the road in Boom Gorge is blocked due to repair work. The Ministry of Transport and Roads informed 24.kg news agency.

Rings for drainage will be installed on the 136th and 141st kilometers. Water accumulates in these areas.

Road services will have to open a new asphalt. After the repair, the section will be asphalted. During the work, one lane is completely closed for traffic.

The section of the road from the 130th to the 147th kilometer in Boom Gorge is considered to be the most difficult one. The difficulty is that the road was extended to four lanes. According to technical parameters, it belongs to the third category, since it is clamped on one side by a cliff to Chu River, on the other — by the slope of the mountains where the railway runs.

In 2016, the section of the road from 136th to 140th kilometer was flooded by heavy rains.