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State Registration Service reminds registration rules for tourists in Kyrgyzstan

Foreigners can register in any of 57 territorial passport offices. The State Registration Service (SRS) reported.

According to it, a special order of stay in the Kyrgyz Republic is in force for the citizens of 92 countries. The rest of the citizens of foreign states and stateless persons are required to register within five working days from the moment of crossing the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic. The procedure is carried out through the automated information system «Registration of foreigners», which was launched in 2017.

The functions of registration of the foreigners are assigned to all employees of the passport offices.

Previously, only one person could do this.

In 2017, at least 220,888 foreign citizens were registered through the automated information system «Registration of foreigners». At the end of the first half of 2018, at least 219, 987 foreigners have been already registered.

Registration of foreign citizens, who arrived in the Kyrgyz Republic as tourists and for private matters, is carried out on the basis of a certain set of documents.

For individuals, they are:

— Application of a foreign citizen or stateless person;

— Request of the receiving party. The host party can be the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons, who have a permanent residence permit;

— Letter of attorney for the right to file a petition on behalf of an individual in the case of a request by a representative;

— Passport of a foreign citizen or a stateless person or other identity document, unless otherwise is provided by the international treaties to which the Kyrgyz Republic is party by virtue of international treaties, as well as its copy with the valid relevant visa;

— Passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, a permanent residence permit for a foreign citizen or stateless person who is the receiving party, and their copies;

— Receipt for payment of the state fee (100 soms);

Legal entities acting as hosts should have:

— Request of the receiving party;

— Passport of a foreign citizen or stateless person or other identity document, unless otherwise is stipulated by the international treaties to which Kyrgyzstan is a party, by virtue of international agreements with a valid visa, as well as their copies;

— Letter of attorney for the right to file a petition on behalf of a legal entity in case of a representative’s request;

— Receipt for payment of the state fee (in the amount of 100 soms).