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Poverty, injustice induce young people to go to extremist organizations

There is no youth development project in Kyrgyzstan that rises self-determination issues, causes involvement in extremist organizations. Research analyst Konstantin Larionov said during the discussion «Radicalization of the Youth of Kyrgyzstan: Causes and Methods of Transformation of the Youth’s Energy into Negative Projects.»

According to him, the state needs to determine its role: to be an arbiter or to form the worldview of the citizens.

Economic factors, in particular, unemployment of the population, have a great influence on involvement in extremist organizations. The poverty level in Kyrgyzstan is quite high. According to official data, this category includes about 1.5 million people.

Konstantin Larionov

According to him, young people are exposed to extremist organizations. «Young people react more actively to injustice. They enter religious organizations because of a sense of insecurity, because of weak employment, especially in the regions, because of discontent with injustice in the distribution of the benefits,» he said.

The analyst believes that it is necessary to engage in civic education, especially in rural areas, to explain the people the dangers and threats posed by extremist organizations.