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Chess Academy to be built in Bishkek

The construction of the Chess Academy begins in Bishkek.

A ceremony of laying a capsule for the future academy took place today on the territory of the International University of Science and Business. Representatives of the university and director of the State Agency for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports Kanat Amankulov participated in it.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Regents of the University Nurgaly Asanaliev, the chess help a person develop thinking, so it is important to promote them among the younger generation. «The area of ​​the academy is 1,500 square meters. The maximum construction period is a year. It is fully funded by our university. We expect that the state will support the organization of competitions at our premises,» he said.

It was expected that the world chess champion Anatoly Karpov (Russia) would attend the ceremony, and later the academy would be named after him. However, he was absent. «A number of organizational moments was not resolved. Among them is the issue of naming the institution after Karpov,» the President of the Kyrgyz Chess Federation Milan Turpanov told 24.kg news agency.