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Authorities ban Kyrgyz migrants from building village in Russia

Deputies of Zaoksky District Council of Tula Oblast opposed a Kyrgyz village in Russia. The residents of Klischino village informed 24.kg news agency.

According to them, on July 6, the deputies canceled their resolution «General plan for the development of the district for 2016», on the basis of which the land was allocated for individual housing construction in Klischino village. The land in the village, where the first houses of the migrants from Kyrgyzstan have already been built, has been transferred back to the category of agricultural land.

«We have not been explained or offered anything. But according to the decision of the village council, it turns out that our houses stand there illegally, since foreign citizens can not be owners of agricultural land,» Baarkan Alaychieva told.

Recall, in December 2017, the agency «The 100th kilometer» began sale of the land in Klischino village, Zaoksky district of Tula Oblast. At least 400 people have bought land plots, forty of them have already built houses. All of them are migrants from Kyrgyzstan, half of whom have Russian citizenship. The migrants unofficially named the village Ala-Too-1.

«We were very glad. The Kyrgyz diaspora is one of the largest in Russia. We work here, our children go to schools, study at the universities. We have become one union after the accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. We thought that Russia gives us the opportunity to build our own house, preserving our culture together with the national diaspora,» told Baarkan Alaychieva.

The diaspora told that inspections by various government bodies of the Russian Federation began after publication of the news by 24.kg news agency about the construction of the first Kyrgyz village in Moscow Oblast.

Since May 24, the State Register of the Russian Federation has ceased to issue ownership documents to the labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan, and the other official bodies — permission for construction. At the same time, migrants are not explained the reasons for rejection of the permits.

«When we appealed to the heads of the administration of Tula Oblast, they reassured us, saying that everything would be resolved soon. But on July 6, the deputies have already made the decision. I want to stress that a half of the landowners in Klischino are citizens of the Russian Federation, and the rest stay legally on the territory of the country,» said Baarkan Alaychieva.

According to her, under the legislation of the Russian Federation, there are no restrictions in the acquisition of real estate with a land plot for foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities. Thus, this category of people has the opportunity to acquire property including townhouses.

However, there is a restriction of a different kind in this situation. According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 26 dated January 9, 2011, the possibility of acquiring land plots by foreigners is completely excluded in a number of frontier territories. The list was adopted in support of the federal law on the state border of the Russian Federation and includes 380 municipal entities. This is, for example, Kronstadt district in St. Petersburg, 19 municipal districts and entities in Kaliningrad Oblast and others. The same rule applies to the land, located on the borders of seaports and agricultural land.

Residents of Ala-Too-1 ask the President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev and deputies of the Parliament to help them to resolve the problem.