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Demolishing of houses starts along Bishkek - Kara-Balta road

The Ministry of Transport and Roads told 24.kg news agency about compensations received by the owners of the objects demolished for the construction of Bishkek-Kara-Balta road.

Currently, 84 units of road-building machinery and 277 people are involved in the repair. At least 3,524 trees have already been cut down. New trees will be planted at 1: 3 rate.

A mound is erected, culverts are laid and power transmission lines are moved. Reconstruction of the bridge across Sokuluk river started.

In 2018, it is planned to complete about 25 percent of the total construction work.

At least 284 households fall under construction of the road, including land owners and users, business owners, tenants and employees. In general, 958 people live in these households.

At least 3 residential buildings and 12 auxiliary buildings with an area of ​​268 square meters, 214 square meters under six sheds and the foundation of a house under construction are to be demolished.

The process of payment of compensations has been completed. The demolition of the objects started. Owners of the land and property were paid 33,211.13 million soms.

China Railway No. 5 carries out the rehabilitation of the Bishkek-Kara-Balta highway. The total sum of the contract is $ 70,239 million. The works are planned to be completed in 2021.