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Eighteen Pamir Kyrgyz to leave for Afghanistan

Several Pamir Kyrgyz, who settled in Naryn, will leave for Afghanistan today. The deputy plenipotentiary representative of the government in Naryn region Zharkyn Ibraeva informed 24.kg news agency.

According to her, with the beginning of the summer holidays, our new compatriots expressed a desire to go to the Pamirs to visit their relatives and friends. Plenipotentiary representative office in the region drew up a list and everyone from it underwent medical examination before departure.

«They said they missed their relatives very much. They also wanted to share impressions about Kyrgyzstan. Some people left to sell their livestock, as their relatives cannot constantly care for their animals. According to the Pamir laws only the owner is allowed to sell his livestock,» said Zharkyn Ibraeva.

Three men left to bring their families to Kyrgyzstan. They came in the autumn with their sons, and their wives stayed in the Pamirs.

«The information that they were unhappy or offended is not true. Of course, there are difficulties, but all issues are resolved. For example, the message that one of them was not paid a salary was not confirmed. The man got the money. The Pamir people live in Kyrgyzstan with the returnee status. The work on granting citizenship and allocation of land is ongoing. Those who came were happy with their life in their historical homeland,» she said.

Recall, 49 Pamir Kyrgyz arrived in Kyrgyzstan in the fall of 2017 with the goal to educate their children and get acquainted with their historical homeland. Taking into account the similarity of climate, they were settled in Naryn region. They were trained and acquainted with the living conditions in the region for 3 months, then they were provided with temporary housing and work.

Younger children were placed in local schools, and adults underwent three-month computer literacy courses.

«The children, who are under 16, receive state allowance in the amount of 1,211 soms. There is one grandfather, he will retire in the fall. It is known that they initially received assistance in the amount of 50,000 soms. Some bought livestock. Together with the leadership of Issyk-Kul region, we are planning to organize a rest for the migrants on the shore of the lake,» Zharkyn Ibraeva said.

The Pamir Kyrgyz people will come to Bishkek today, they will be met by the Migration Service employees and delivered to the border with Afghanistan.

According to Zharkyn Ibraeva, they should not have problems with the return from Afghanistan.