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Social Fund to collect all documents for setting pension from 2019

«The legislative norms have already been adopted, according to which, from 2019, the Social Fund will collect all the necessary documents for setting a pension on its own,» Meder Irsaliyev, Chairman of the Social Fund, told reporters.

A Kyrgyzstani will have to come to the Social Fund with a passport and an employment record book. He or she will not collect the rest of the documents that may be needed to set a pension. In addition, the payment of pensions will be automated.

«My Account service, where a payer of insurance deductions will be able to find all the necessary information: the size of pension, missing documents, deductions to the Social Fund, will start working on the Social Fund website in the near future. The entire process — from payment of insurance deductions to setting a pension — will be in an electronic format further on,» Meder Irsaliyev stressed.