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Construction companies - main tax evaders in Kyrgyzstan

The State Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic published a list of tax debtors.

It includes several construction companies: Bishkek Shaar Kurulush LLC, Iska Stroy, Erkin & Company, Parm, Tokbai Kurulush.

CoTel LLC owes 169.6 million soms, and Etalon GAZ service — 21.6 million. Dordoi-Dyikan LLC, owned by Erkinbek Salymbekov, is also among the debtors. Its debt is 924,000 soms.

Beta Inshaat Yatyrymzhylyk CJSC owes 3.7 million, Ozgun Inshaat Taah yut ve Tizharet — 40.9 million soms.

In total, the indebtedness to the State Tax Service is 568,691.8 million soms.