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About 60 soms per child allocated for meals at Bishkek kindergartens daily

About 60 soms per day are allocated for feeding of the children in kindergartens. Planned check in the preschool educational organizations revealed such a fact.

According to Nurlan Baigulov, head of the Department for Control and Organization of Nutrition and Public Procurement of the Education Department under the Bishkek City Administration, half of the amount is paid by parents and the second part — by local self-government bodies.

«This money is not fully enough. But the allocated sum is completely spent on the organization of 4 meals. We constantly appeal to the city authorities to increase the funds allocated,» he said.

There are 85 municipal children’s pre-school educational organizations in Bishkek, they are attended by about 30,000 children. The number of children decreases in the summer.

According to Nurlan Baigulov, all the food products are purchased through tenders. District educational centers are engaged in their organization and holding at the request of the kindergartens.

Nurlan Baigulov noted that the organization of nutrition is regularly checked. This is done both by the experts of the department and other services. In addition, each organization has a parent’s commission, which can also check the dining room any time.

As he said, 38 responsible persons have received disciplinary penalties last year for the shortcomings in the organization of meals, basically for untimely provision with products, incorrect calculations of the nutrition norms and keeping of documents.