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Renat Samudinov and his wife get political asylum in USA

Ex-leader of the youth wing of SDPK, Renat Samudinov, explained why he and his wife, KTRK journalist Elnura Moldokadyrova, asked for political asylum in the United States. They received the necessary status for legalization through a court seven months after they arrived in America.

Lawyer Isken Afidzhanov published a video message by Samudinov on Facebook. Renat explained that his family in Kyrgyzstan had been persecuted, there was a real threat of physical elimination.

«My wife investigated a lot of corruption schemes in her materials, I also worked to promote democratic values ​​in Kyrgyzstan. Pressure began after the call of the former head of the Presidential Administration Farid Niyazov. When I was engaged in the party building, I uncovered unclean moments and told Farid Niyazov about it, but instead of support, I was subjected to great pressure. Unknown people even tried to attack my wife. Unfortunately, our authorities did not appreciate my work or the work of my wife,» said Renat Samudinov and added that she and Elnura Moldokadyrova lived in Chicago.

Recall, in November 2017, the media reported that Renat Samudinov and Elnura Moldokadyrova asked for political asylum in the United States. However, they were detained at the border when they tried to enter the USA via Mexico.