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Bishkek mayor instructs to complete reconstruction of capital's parks by July 6

Mayor of Bishkek Albek Ibraimov instructed district administrations to complete the reconstruction of city parks by July 6. The press service of the Bishkek City Administration reported.

Albek Ibraimov also instructed to check all the amusement rides, water reservoirs and swimming pools and take measures to organize safe rest for the children.

Azamat Sagyndyk uulu, the head of the Land Use and Construction Department of the City Administration, told that 1,158 illegal objects had been dismantled in the capital since the beginning of the year. These are 791 advertising constructions, 920 light type objects and 147 permanent structures.

«The inventory of the lightweight objects revealed that 1,355 out of 3,502 pavilions were installed illegally. Owners of a thousand of the objects obtained the necessary permits with assistance,» said Azamat Sagyndyk uulu.