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Number of anthrax cases in Bazar-Korgon reaches 13

At least 13 people from one village got anthrax in Bazar-Korgon district of Jalal-Abad region. The Ministry of Health reported.

«All the hospitalized took part in the slaughter of the animal and dressing of its meat. An infectious diseases specialist was invited from Jalal-Abad Regional Joint Hospital for consultation and he clinically confirmed the anthrax, tests were taken from the patients. The condition of patients is relatively satisfactory, they receive appropriate treatment, they are provided with all the necessary medications and medical products,» the Ministry of Health noted.

The consultant of the press center of the ministry Elena Bayalinova noted that a large number of soil foci of anthrax were located in Bazar-Korgon and Nooken districts. The registration of cases in these areas in certain years indicates the danger of the infection in the livestock and people in case of non-observance of precautionary measures.

«Unsatisfactory veterinary supervision over soil foci, many unidentified foci, poor surveillance over slaughter of the cattle, the sale of meat and meat products, and the movement of livestock serve as the causes of the aggravation of the situation with a particularly dangerous infection such as anthrax,» she said.

Doctors recommend when purchasing meat to ask for a certificate of veterinary examination, the results of laboratory tests.

When signs of the illness, such as redness, skin ulcers, fever appear, one should immediately turn for medical help.