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Kyrgyzstan to change towing of vehicles rules

The rules of towing of incorrectly parked vehicles will change in Kyrgyzstan. The draft resolution was submitted for public discussion.

The current rules state that the payment of parking costs in towing of an incorrectly parked car is made for each full hour, except for the first three hours. This rule will be excluded.

Practice has shown that the owner-violators take the car in less than three hours. The impoundment lots incur losses, as they do not receive payment for security services.

Vehicles left at railway crossings, in tunnels, on sidewalks and bicycle tracks, overpasses, bridges, in places where the distance between the continuous line of marking and the stopped car is less than 3 meters, at pedestrian crossings and closer than 5 meters to them, closer than 15 meters from the stopping areas, in places where the car interferes with the movement of pedestrians will be towed.

Previously, the tow truck worked only in the area of ​​the relevant road signs.