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Parliament has to amend electoral legislation until the end of 2019

Until the end of 2019, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has to adopt a full package of amendments and changes to the electoral legislation. The head of the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan Nurzhan Shayldabekova announced today at the presentation of the strategy for improving the law on elections.

This is necessary in order all the participants in the electoral process to be able to get acquainted with the amendments one year before the parliamentary elections 2020.

The head of the CEC added that the main concept of the strategy was to protect legally all the previously approved norms, stressing that the civil society should understand its electoral rights.

According to Nurzhan Shayldabekova, participation in elections of the citizens, who live abroad, is still a problem. Only 5,000 Kyrgyz citizens, who are working and living abroad, came to the polling stations during the presidential elections in 2017.