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Albek Ibraimov tells how and why Dastan company bought spare parts for torpedoes

The mayor of Bishkek commented on the criminal case, initiated against him. Explanations of Albek Ibraimov were distributed by the press service of SDPK party.

The ex-head of TNC Dastan OJSC notes that at the time of his assumption of office in February 2011, a contract had already been signed between the company and the Ministry of Defense of India for the supply of 12 military torpedoes. The term of execution of the contract was December 2011. At the same time, Albek Ibraimov stresses that this was the only big contract of TNC Dastan in recent years.

During a detailed study of the contract, I noted three key points. Readiness after the completion of the contract was 95 percent, since the parts were already in production. The enterprise had already spent a significant part of the financial resources. These were raw materials and components for the execution of the contract, wages and taxes. Penalties for non-fulfillment of the contract on time would amount to more than $ 1 million. The most important point was the shortage of the warhead of this torpedo. This is the combat charging compartment and fuze I-239 (special products). Nobody would ever have bought our torpedoes without these components. And the plant would suffer losses of about $ 6 million," Albek Ibraimov explains the details of the deal.

It is also noted that the technical services gave the conclusion that the only specialized enterprise that produced these special products in the Soviet era was the Perm Bicycle Plant. But by the time of the request the plant was no longer working. And one could buy the necessary parts only at naval depots in countries, where torpedoes produced by the Dastan plant, were used.

The only enterprise in Kyrgyzstan, which at that time possessed all permits for the supply of special products, was Dastan Engineering. Relying on its ties with Ukrspetsexport, it offered to supply us with the necessary details. Therefore, a contract for the supply of fuzes was signed. When signing the contract with TNC Dastan, Dastan Engineering set its price for components at $ 533,000. Such a high price was set due to the high costs of drawing up documents, transportation and other costs in the implementation of such deals.

«The final delivery amount was dictated by Dastan Engineering. We were forced to agree to this, because there were no other options. As a result, the contract between the Ministry of Defense of India and TNC Dastan was executed on time. And the enterprise received an income of $ 11.5 million. As a result, TNC Dastan had about $ 6 million operating profit, workers’ wages increased from three to four times. And by the end of the year, the state represented by the State Property Management Fund received dividends of more than $ 1 million for the first time in Dastan’s history,» Albek Ibraimov stressed.

The mayor of Bishkek is sure that «any appropriation and embezzlement of entrusted property of TNC Dastan OJSC is out of question.»

«As far as I know, control and monitoring for each such deal was carried out on a permanent basis by curators from the national security agencies and the Ministry of Defense. I have a reasonable question, why exactly now, in 7 years, «suddenly» there are doubts and suspicions?! The recent events taking place in our country, as well as the arrests of my colleagues from Atambayev’s team, give me reason to believe that this and other criminal cases against me are politically motivated,» summed up Albek Ibraimov.

On May 28, the State Committee for National Security initiated a criminal case under the Article «Appropriation and embezzlement of entrusted property in an especially large amount using the official position» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to investigators, in January 2012, Albek Ibraimov, Chairman of the board of TNC Dastan OJSC, and Asylkul Sasybaeva, Director General of Dastan Engineering LLC, signed a contract for the supply of special products at a deliberately overestimated price. As a result, the state, according to the investigation, incurred losses in a particularly large amount.