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Ministry of Culture tells about preparations for World Nomad Games

The Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism told 24.kg news agency about the preparations for the 3rd World Nomad Games.

Invitations to participate in the Games have been sent to 102 countries, contact was established with 80 of them. However, only 10 states confirmed their participation.

«Receipt of applications will continue until July 15. We expect larger number of participants in the Games this time. Athletes from 62 countries came to the last Games,» the Ministry of Culture explained.

Kyrgyzstan is ready to receive the presidents. Some have already expressed a desire to watch the World Nomad Games. The arrival of the heads of Turkey, Tatarstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan is expected. Official letters have not been received so far.

The number of sports for the 3rd World Nomad Games was increased to 37. Up to 3,000 athletes will participate in the competitions.

The ceremony of the parade of the athletes was also changed. This time, not only the athletes, but also representatives of delegations in national costumes will take part in it. Preparations for the ethnic festival «Universe of the Nomads» are taking place, which will involve representatives of 30 countries.

The preliminary program of the Games has been approved. The opening will take place on September 2, and Kyrchyn ethnic camp will be opened on September 3, where the visitor will be able to get acquainted with the life and culture of the nomads.

For the first time, sumo wrestling was included in the program of the World Nomad Games. The Japan Sumo Association is ready to participate in the competitions. Contests in the great struggle of nomads are planned. An absolute winner will be chosen on the results of several rounds.

The scenario of opening and closure of the Games is being written by El Muras Bishkek LLC. The company will get 7.5 million soms for its services.