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Supervisory bodies find loophole for uncontrolled checks of business

Supervisory bodies found a loophole for uncontrolled checks of the business. The Deputy Minister of Economy Eldar Abakirov told at the roundtable discussion in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan successfully fights against unreasonable checks of entrepreneurs. «Each action of the inspector is registered. Using the electronic portal, one can track when and who checked the company, whether there were grounds for it. However, the inspectors found a loophole for uncontrolled business checks. This can be done through the Military Prosecutor’s Office,» Eldar Abakirov said.

He added that frequent changes in legislation deprive investors of peace of mind. «Laws must be stable. The developed countries do not change them for decades. If the law is written correctly initially, there is no need to change it every year,» Eldar Abakirov explained.