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Builders of Balykchi – Korumdu road not get their salaries again

Builders of Balykchi — Korumdu road do not get their salaries again. They informed 24.kg news agency.

The workers complain that they have no money to feed their families. The salary is not paid again.

The Ministry of Finance told 24.kg news agency that there were no problems from their side. In 2018, at least 700 million soms were budgeted, and as of June 1, about 440 million soms were financed. The ministry did not receive requests for payments from the Ministry of Transport and Roads.

Delays in the payment of wages occur periodically. In May, the Ministry of Finance allocated for the workers 100 million soms. The head of the Ministry of Transport, Zhamshitbek Kalilov, said that if the salary delays continue, the contract with the Chinese company Long Hai, which is engaged in construction, would be terminated.