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Kyrgyzstan to have stationary posts to combat smuggling of goods

A government decree on the establishment of four stationary posts at border checkpoints to combat the illegal movement of goods will be adopted in the near future. The Economy Minister Oleg Pankratov announced this today at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy.

Deputy Ekmat Baybakpaev again drew attention to the fact that Kazakh business was developing well in Kyrgyzstan, not giving chances to domestic producers. He believes that domestic producers remain out of the game because of the smuggling of goods.

Minister of Economy Oleg Pankratov said that the government was trying to solve the problem in various ways.

However, those who deal with the illicit import of goods quickly learn to bypass barriers. The Cabinet offers a new mechanism now.

Oleg Pankratov

«We plan to introduce stationary posts near the border checkpoints. We can not do this on the border according to the rules of the Eurasian Economic Union, but next to it is allowed. The decision of the government was practically agreed. It will be signed within a week,» the head of the Ministry of Economy told.