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Over 60 percent of books in school libraries of Kyrgyzstan worn out

The government instructed the Ministry of Education and Science to accelerate the establishment of Zhany Kitep institution, the main task of which is to provide schools with textbooks.

As of today, more than 60 percent of educational literature in school libraries is physically worn out and morally obsolete.

That is, publications that do not meet the sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements of modern educational programs are used in educational process. Parents of students have to buy textbooks, the market value of which varies from 250 to 500 soms for one book. There are categories of citizens who do not have the opportunity to purchase textbooks.

Zhany Kitep is designed to solve the problem by step-by-step introduction of a mechanism for renting textbooks.

Students from socially vulnerable categories of the population (low-income, large families, orphans) will be exempt from payment, and students from families with three — four children will pay 50 percent of the rent.

Money will only be charged for new textbooks published according to new subject-based educational standards for students of 5-11 grades.

Officials do not inform about the cost of rent for each textbook.