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Level of petroleum products in Issyk-Kul Lake exceeds the norm fivefold

The level of phenol, iodine and petroleum products in Issyk-Kul Lake exceeds the norm fivefold. Ekosoyuz organization reported.

Environmentalists conducted a study during which they found exceedance of permissible levels of harmful substances that exert toxic effects on the kidneys and brain, and could lead to the death of all living organisms that live in the lake.

A high level of phenol, iodine and petroleum products can lead to a global catastrophe and the disappearance of many species of animals, plants, as well as to human diseases and even death.

Representatives of Ekosoyuz

Ekosoyuz organization is engaged in the analysis of external environment and detects the facts of possible risks and threats to the environment and ecology. Previously, its representatives carried out research on deforestation, water pollution, resolved issues related to poaching, conducted examinations on the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population of Russia and other countries.