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Kyrgyzstan to create database of medicines

A national database of medicines and medical products is being created in Kyrgyzstan. The consultant on database implementation, Nurgul Adnayeva, told today at a press conference.

According to her, the database will reflect the entire way of a medicine from a producer to a consumer. This will allow not only to know the price of a medicine, but also effectively combat smuggling.

In addition, the introduction of a centralized procurement of medicines is being considered.

«Due to the fact that there is no regulation of the prices of medicines, the patient pays for them differently. At the same time, there is a single cost of reimbursement from the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (CMIF). It means that the prices for medicines should be identical. The difference in prices is colossal. Therefore, it is important that, in addition to price regulation, there should be centralized purchase of medicines,» said Gulzhan Isakova, deputy head of the department on implementation of CMIF programs.