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Four children repatriated from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan

Four minors, who have been left without parental care, have been repatriated from Moscow to Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development reported.

The main reasons for the children abandonment, their sending to children’s institutions outside the republic are the lack of permanent residence, parents’ earnings, unregistered marriage and unwanted pregnancy.

«Upon the return of the children, the ministry is working to reunite them with their biological families. If this does not work, the question of their putting up for adoption is considered. Since 2011, at least 85 children, who were left without parental care, have been returned to their homeland. Six of them were repatriated in 2018,» said Nazgul Cholumova, Chief Specialist at the Child Protection Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

At least 50 repatriated children were put up for adoption, 8 were handed over to biological families, 3 — for guardianship, 24 were sent to orphanages.