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Technical design specification for Safe City to be presented within month

In the next month, the state committee will develop a technical design specification for the implementation of Safe City project. The Chairman of the State Information Technologies Committee, Bakyt Sharshembiev, told today at a press conference.

According to him, the Ministry of Justice is preparing the necessary by-laws. The tender for the project may be announced in the autumn. The official did not voice an exact date.

«We are talking about the component for installing cameras for photo and video recording. Perhaps, there will be an open competition among the companies in the late autumn. Cameras at 30 intersections of Bishkek are enough for initial stage of the project,» Bakyt Sharshembiev stressed.

In just a month, CCTV cameras recorded 69,849 violations of the traffic rules at four intersections of Bishkek. The most frequent violation is crossing the stop line.