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Ex-mufti Zhalilov proposes to introduce death penalty for corrupt officials

The ex-mufti of Kyrgyzstan Chubak azhi Zhalilov proposed to introduce the death penalty for those, who are involved in corruption. He stated this on the air of one of the radio stations.

Chubak azhi Zhalilov told that he intended to apply to the Council of Aalyms in order they not to read the prayer over those deceased, who were recognized сorrupt during their lifetime. He voiced the ideas, answering questions about the modernization of the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant and the repair of the State Historical Museum.

«I support the laws of China, which cuts off hands and heads of those, who are involved in corruption. We should do so, too. There will be opponents who will shout and resent. These thieves have accomplices, after all. They will say that it should not be so, that this is barbarism, savagery. And is it culturally to steal? That is, stealing, wearing a tie is not barbarism, and the choice of measures against them is barbarity?» said Chubak azhi Zhalilov.

A video recording of the ex-mufti’s statements in two days gained more than 15,000 views on the Internet. More than 100 users supported the proposal in the comments.