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Historical Museum reconstruction. Version of adviser to Almazbek Atambayev

Mira Karybaeva was an adviser to Almazbek Atambayev when he was a head of state. Now she is the head of the Department of Ethnical, Religious Policy and Interaction with the Civil Society of the Presidential Administration. Her name was voiced after the parliamentary faction Ata Meken held a visiting session in the Historical Museum.

In addition to the huge sums spent on the reconstruction of the museum, it was found out that the delivery of equipment was carried out by the German company Vitrinen-und Glasbau REIER GmbH, the interior was designed by the architectural bureau IGLHAUT + von GROTE GmbH.

«Before the historic signing of the contract, countless agreements have been made. In the middle of June, the personal adviser to the President of Kyrgyzstan visited the company in Lauta. The company confirmed to the president by phone that nothing hinders the large project. Thus, an order for €9 million was made,» the head of the company Uwe Reier told German journalists earlier.

Mira Karybaeva told 24.kg news agency about her work during the reconstruction of the National Historical Museum.

«I worked only on the content part of the project, helped together with historians to review the audio guide texts, coordinated the work of the historians and the museum staff. That is all my powers as a professional historian. The professors, Kyrgyz historians, and I worked absolutely free of charge, voluntarily. It was our contribution to this project,» Mira Karybaeva told.

She stressed that the financial issue of reconstruction, raised in the media, should not discredit the entire project.

The historians, experts are shocked. We have invested so much time and effort, and our work has simply been trampled on. But the museum will open sooner or later, and it will be a hundred times better than it was.

Mira Karybaeva

She stressed that State Construction Department should be asked all the financial questions.

Mira Karybaeva stressed that «she could not have any authority to make a decision.» She confirmed that she had fulfilled an order and visited the plant in Lauta.

«There was no special task to go to them. I just had this opportunity, because I was in Germany not at the expense of the state, but at the expense of the inviting party on a completely different project — I spoke at a conference on international security,» explained Mira Karybaeva.

Recall, the contractor for interior decoration is SMU-3 LLC. Representatives of the company send journalists to the State Construction Department for comment. The management of the state agency is not yet available for comment.

Before the museum, SMU-3 built a school in Ala-Too residential area in Bishkek (which began breaking down) and the hippodrome in Cholpon-Ata. The day before, the State Committee for National Security informed that a violation was detected during the construction of the hippodrome.