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Least dangerous months of year announced in Bishkek

MoveGreen NGO published a study on air quality in Bishkek.

According to the report, atmospheric air pollution in the city is high. The average annual content of almost all detectable impurities in general in the capital exceeds the permissible standards.

The largest pollution by large and small solid particles is in December, January, February and November, and by large ones also in May, July, September and October.

The least dirty month is April, presumably due to frequent precipitations.

«There is an urgent need for timely notification of citizens about the levels of air pollution in different parts of the city, as well as for informing about precautionary measures in case of smog. The existing system of air quality notification for the last month does not make sense for the population, especially for sensitive groups (children, the elderly, as well as patients with respiratory, cardiovascular and other diseases). People are forced to personally take measures, including changing their place of residence to the less polluted areas of the city,» the report says.