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Article of Kyrgyz researcher published in American journal

«The American Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications» published an article by Askar Abdukadyrov, a researcher from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), which reveals the mystery of the spread of the light.

He proves that light and, in general, electromagnetic waves propagate in three-dimensional space by rotating the smallest parts (elements) of space. This conclusion was made thanks to the discovery of two formulas that complement the famous Maxwell equations, which are the basis of classical electrodynamics.

«New formulas were found thanks to another discovery. Its essence is as follows: the world’s most widely used international system of measurement is SI. The SI system is a composite system: it includes, in particular, a system for measuring mechanical quantities using three basic units — meter, kilogram, second (MKS system), and a system for measuring electromagnetic quantities using the three units indicated and the current unit — ampere (MKSA system),» the article notes.

The scientist claims that the electromagnetic units of the MKSA system — ampere, coulomb, ohm, volt, etc. — can be converted into units of MKS system. Exactly this transformation of units made it possible to understand the physical essence of the mechanism of propagation of electromagnetic waves.