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National Torture Prevention Center registers 44 torture statements in 4 months

The National Center for Torture Prevention received 44 torture statements within 4 months. Its Director Nurdin Sulaimanov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, in total, the center received 93 different statements. There were also such, which do not concern the credentials of the center.

«We receive messages from prisoners, suspects under investigation and their parents. People ask to transfer prisoners from one colony to another, report on conditions of their detention that do not suit them. But in most cases, prisoners and suspects complain of torture. The other day, I met with the new Prosecutor General Okturbek Dzhamshitov, told him about the situation with the torture in the country. The head of the supervisory body agreed that the problem remains one of the most acute,» Nurdin Sulaimanov said.