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Parliament elects judges of Supreme Court

Today, the deputies of the Parliament elected the judges of the Supreme Court. Voting was secret and it was held using paper ballots.

Recall, the president recommended to the post of judges of the Supreme Court Kydyk Zhunushbaev, Irina Vorontsova, Damira Orozova, Nurgul Bakirova and Aidarbek Alymkulov. Two candidates — Irina Vorontsova and Aidarbek Alymkulov — are on the black list of judges, who brought in guilty verdicts in criminal and administrative cases against politicians, human rights activists and journalists.

A total of 107 deputies out of 120 participated in the voting.

At least 16 deputies voted for Irina Vorontsova, against — 91.

For Damira Orozova — 42 deputies, against — 65.

For Nurgul Bakirova — 82 deputies, against — 25.

For Aidarbek Alymkulov — 26 deputies, against — 81.

For Kydyk Zhunushbaev — 70 deputies, against — 37.

Thus, Nurgul Bakirova and Kydyk Zhunushbaev became the judges of the Supreme Court.