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Deputies offer to punish for mistakes in ads

Deputies of the Parliament offer to punish for spelling mistakes in advertising texts. The bill is considered at the parliament meeting in the first reading.

The document proposes to expand the list of requirements for advertisement. Thus, it is proposed to introduce a requirement on observance of the norms of the literary language (the alphabet and spelling rules) when writing an ad. Violation of this rule entails a warning. If the advertisement is not corrected within a month or the violation is repeated within six months, the offender is fined.

The amount of the fine is 1,000 soms for individuals and 10,000 soms for legal entities.

«Local government bodies have the right to fine the offenders. Earlier, it could be done only through the court, and the size of the fines was small — 500 soms, 1,000 soms, and nobody wanted to sue for it. We propose to grant the right to the local government bodies to fine the offenders. If a violator does not agree with the applied penalty, the issue is to be resolved in court,» told one of the initiators of the bill, MP Emil Toktoshev.