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Law on election of president and deputies may be amended

It is proposed to amend the law on the election of the President of Kyrgyzstan and the deputies of the Parliament. Mirlan Bakirov initiated the amendments.

In his opinion, the electoral process presupposes the choice of a subject by a voter to whom he wants to transfer his power. The choice is realized through the free will of a person. At the same time, the last elections in the country showed that citizens were forced to vote, but not to choose.

Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic transformed not into the competition of political parties, their programs, personalities, but into the competition of money and the use of political manipulation.

In the past parliamentary elections, voters were invited to elect one of 14 parties, each of which proposed a list of candidates for deputies in the number of at least 120 people. In total, political parties have included more than 2,000 candidates in their lists. In such a situation, a voter deprived of the opportunity to make an informed choice, did not participate in elections, or voted at the request or for the one, who paid more.

Votes turned into goods. The lack of priority in the list of candidates will ensure equality of candidates, exclude a contest for a seat on the party list depending on the amount of money contributed by a person to the account of the party, to minimize the subjectivity of the party leader.