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Deputy suggests to increase term and authority of CEC members in Kyrgyzstan

It is offered to increase the term and authority of the members of the Central Election Commission in Kyrgyzstan. MP Mirlan Bakirov submitted amendments to the law On Election Commissions on Holding Elections and Referendums of the Kyrgyz Republic for public discussion.

It is proposed to increase the term of the Central Election Commission members to six years (instead of five according to the current version of the law) and increase it to twelve members. In addition, it is proposed to increase the powers of CEC, provide the commission with the opportunity to independently approve the structure, staffing, cost estimates of the Central Election Commission and subordinate election commissions.

An important innovation is that the CEC members will determine the order of execution of the powers of the chairman, deputy chairman of the commission through drawing of lots. And the order can not be changed, including in connection with the dissolution of the parliament, a change in the composition of the coalition of factions, the termination and early termination of the powers of the president.

«Under the acting law, CEC chairperson has the sole right to form the structure, size and composition of the central apparatus, appoint and dismiss employees, including permanent special representatives and system administrators in territorial election commissions. The proposed amendments will ensure parity in decision-making by redistributing the powers and rotation of the CEC leadership,» the background statement says.