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Surveillance cameras record nearly 70,000 traffic violations for month

In just a month, CCTV cameras recorded 69,849 violations of traffic rules at four intersections in Bishkek. The State Registration Service informed 24.kg news agency.

The most frequent violation is crossing the stop line. At least 40,334 car owners violated this traffic rule.

The second place in terms of the number of violations takes disobeying the requirements of road signs — 16,579 cases. The speeding takes the third place with 6,809 facts. In addition, the cameras recorded 2,392 facts of violation of road marking and 1,305 parking violation facts. The most infrequent violations as of today are red light running (1,282 facts) and driving in the oncoming lane (1,147 facts).

Recall, four cameras for photo and video recording of violations are working in test mode in Bishkek. At the same time, a video camera at the intersection of Ibraimov and Frunze Streets records violations since April 2, at Baitik Baatyr and Gorky — since April 9, and at Baitik Baatyr, Akhunbaev and the Southern Highway — since April 11. At the same time, the radar, fixing the violation of the speed regime, has been installed so far only on the Southern Highway. Fines are not sent to drivers for violation of traffic rules.