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Schools in Kyrgyzstan lack textbooks

The provision of general education organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic with textbooks reaches 83 percent. The Deputy Minister of Education and Science Nadira Dzhusupbekova told at a round table discussion in Bishkek.

She noted that it is not an easy task to provide everyone with textbooks.

The students at the schools of the republic are taught in four languages. And if the availability of textbooks in Kyrgyz is almost 97 percent, then in schools with Tajik language slightly more than a half of the students have textbooks.

«An agreement was recently reached between the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Neighbors will provide specialists who will be able to translate textbooks,» she said.

The Deputy Minister outlined the problem. This is the lack of textbook authors.

We need our textbook authors. They should be not theorists, but practicians, who are able to write textbooks. And when we grow them, the problem will be solved. There are no authors on some subjects.

Nadira Dzhusupbekova

According to her, the work on the renewal of library funds is conducted constantly in different directions.

«Approbation of textbooks of a new generation was carried out in 56 pilot schools, during which corrections were made. Textbooks of the new generation help to develop, look for information,» she said.

Another option is to create digital libraries. At least 60 innovative schools were selected in all regions, they will be provided with the necessary equipment, and teachers and librarians will be taught to use the resources in the classrooms. Centers will be set up on the basis of these schools, where teachers from other schools will later be trained.