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Mailuu-Suu mines waste pose real risk to humans and environment

«To solve the problems of Mailuu-Suu uranium legacy, we need to take long-term preventive measures and carry the tailings and dumps over,» the European Parliament Deputy Michele Rivasi told reporters.

According to her, if nothing is done now, then, when the natural cataclysm will occur in the next few years, all harmful substances will be washed into the Fergana valley. It is possible to take short-term measures, which had already been taken to protect the tailing dumps in Mailuu-Suu, to strengthen them. But the problem is that after a while these measures need to be taken again to keep tailings and dumps in proper condition.

«Long-term measures are needed to carry over tailing dumps and mountain dumps, clean this zone and inform the population. In addition, now it is necessary to apply to the Russian corporation Rosatom for providing accurate maps of the former mines that were exploited in Mailuu-Suu. This would be a good proof of Russia’s openness to solving the problems of the uranium legacy of Central Asia,» Michele Rivasi said.

«The mines in Mailuu-Suu were abandoned, leaving radioactive toxic and chemical waste. These waste products pose a real risk to human health and the environment,» she summed up.