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Kyrgyzstan lacks money for judicial reform

Kyrgyzstan lacks money for judicial reform, so it has to turn to donors. The Chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan Ainash Tokbaeva stated at a meeting of the Council for Judicial Reform today.

According to her, the program of development of the judicial system until 2017 is 91 percent fulfilled.

«Some goals were not fulfilled due to lack of funds. An analysis has been carried out, weaknesses and strengths have been identified for the development of the judicial system. The question of its rise to a new level was put. The program until 2022 was adopted,» Ainash Tokbaeva explained.

She recognizes that it is necessary to improve the efficiency and transparency of the courts. «We should work with the personnel. The judges, who were appointed for the first time, have an impact on the case hearing. They must improve their qualification. However, there are no training standards. We have to turn to donors, as the state has no money,» Ainash Tokbaeva said.