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Schools in Kyrgyzstan may switch to 7-point grading scale

Schools in Kyrgyzstan may switch to 7-point grading scale. The Vice President of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education Almazbek Toktomambetov told 24.kg news agency.

The issue of changing the grading scale has been raised in the republic more than once. Experts noted that from the 5-point scale it turned into a three-point one. «Teachers are not forbidden to put «two» and «failing.» If a child gets «unsatisfactory,» then the question of the teacher’s responsibility is considered. It is necessary to ask the teachers why the students are not learning well,» Almazbek Toktomambetov noted.

«The concept of development of education for five years is being discussed now. This approach may be changed and a grading scale up to seven or ten points may be introduced. Many countries, Belarus, for example, switched to seven-point grading scale. But the problem is that our children enter the Russian or Kazakh universities after graduation. And there is 5-point scale. In this case, there must be an agreement with these countries. Otherwise, our children will face difficulties,» the Vice President of the Academy added.

Answering the question when the innovation may be introduced, Almazbek Toktomambetov said that it might occur within the next two years. The document has been discussed for a year.