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Prime Minister holds meeting on providing schools with the Internet

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev held a meeting on providing schools of the republic with the Internet. The press service of the government reported.

According to it, the head of government noted that the education sector is one of the important spheres of the social and economic life of the country.

«The government is ready to invest in education, because it is an investment in the future. One of the priority tasks that we must solve is the provision of all schools of the republic with the Internet. The issue has been raised for a long time and should be removed from the agenda, given that we live in an age of universal computerization and digital technologies,» said Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev.

The Minister of Education Gulmira Kudaiberdieva informed that at present 55 percent of the republic’s schools have access to the Internet.

«Providing all schools with the Internet will solve a number of problems, including the provision with educational materials, holding of remote open lessons, courses to improve skills and advice on the use of the latest teaching methods. One of our achievements is that with the support of the World Bank the students of the 5th and 6th grades will be 100 percent provided with the necessary sets of textbooks from the new academic year. Annually, the state needs to allocate about 500 million soms for the publication of new textbooks,» the minister explained.

Gulmira Kudaiberdieva told that at the suggestion of the parliament deputies, the issue of shifting the beginning of an academic year from September 1 to September 10 is being considered.

«The proposed shifting of the beginning of the academic year, taking into account our climatic conditions, will have a positive impact on children’s health, and they will be able to more effectively use the warm season for a full rest. The shifting of the beginning of the educational process can have a positive effect on the development of tourism. At the same time, I want to assure teachers that it will not affect their workload and salaries,» the minister assured.

The Prime Minister stressed that the education sphere would get special attention so that the ministry can solve the primary tasks. These include the provision of schools with computer equipment and textbooks, as well as the development of vocational education in the regions.

In addition, Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev instructed the Ministry of Education and Science to work out the issue of opening a publishing house that would publish textbooks and educational literature, using modern technologies. This will launch the process of forming of publishing houses in Kyrgyzstan, necessary for a modern educational book publishing system.